What is the Cosmos ?
Cosmos is the space around the earth which contains all the vibrations which we human beings have been emanating as our thoughts, imaginations and feelings. It exists around every human being and can be called as the thought bank. Cosmos does not differentiate between positive or negative thoughts. It just stores what it receives. Also it gives what it gets. So we should fill it with good thoughts to attract good thoughts.
What are negative vibrations and how they affect us ?
Negative Vibrations are Thoughts of Hatred, Enmity, Jealousy, Anger and Violence. Vibrations in the Cosmos have the tendency to influence Human minds and unfortunately, the mind is prone to attracting more of negative vibrations than positive vibrations. These negative vibrations are the main reasons for increase in Depression, Exploitation, Terrorism, Extremism, Heinous Crimes, Barbaric acts and Killing of innocent people.
What is Clean The Cosmos?

Clean the Cosmos is a Worldwide campaign for world peace and